No clothes? No problem. Join kRav’N party

So this is fun.

kRav’N will host an ABC Party on Saturday night. And by ABC, I mean Anything But Clothes party. Hmmm.

But you know what? This is totally a chance to get creative. No clothes? No problem. kRav’N suggests wearing newspaper, bubble wrap, feathers (err, lots of feathers), sheets, duct tape, saran wrap (err, colored), Christmas lights (dangerous?!), burlap sacks, beer boxes, toilet paper, caution tape (sassy) or body paint. Surely, the list could go on, but safe to say there are “clothing” options abound. During the pantsless party, enjoy all you can drink on domestic taps and wells drinks for $10- but you gotta be in costume, of course. There’ll be live music and dancing as well. Have fun and get creative!