Complete schedule for LifeLight!

The 15th annual LifeLight Christian music festival is this weekend! About 300,000 are expected to attend over the course of three days; will you be one of them?

Aside from music and gospel, there will be playgrounds and inflatables for the kids, archery demonstrations, a skate park featuring appearances by professional skateboarder Brian Sumner, health and resource fairs and hundreds of food vendors. Below is a complete weekend schedule for all six stages, and don’t forget to download the free LifeLight app for Androids and iPhones, so you can have the schedule and map right on your phone!

{Friday, Aug. 31}

Main Stage
4pm Willet
5pm Remedy Drive
5:45pm John Reuben
6:15pm Classic Petra
7:30pm Sanctus Real
8:30pm Matt Hammitt
10pm Peter Furler / Phil Joel

Souled Out Stage
5:45pm Marah in the Mainsail
6:15pm These Hearts
7:45pm Wolves at the Gate
8:30pm Becoming the Archetype
9pm Ryan Ries
10pm Love and Death
11pm Sleeping Giant

Triple Shot Stage
1:00pm Positive Confessions
1:45pm Daniel Brunz
2:30pm Brett Vanderzee
3:30pm Josiah James
4:15pm John the Raptist
5pm A World with Orphans & Widows
5:30pm Boiling Point
6:15pm Struggles with Addictions
7pm Lifecolour
7:45pm We Are Leo
8:45pm The Cisco Kids
11pm Bensonwells
12:15am Everfound

360 Stage
3:15pm Coastal Rise
4pm Tracings
5pm The Radiance Effect
5:45pm Brian Viengthong
6:15pm Random Hero
7:15pm Silverline
8:15pm John the Raptist
9pm Tru Serva
9:45pm Ryan Daniel
10:30pm Andy Mineo & KB
11pm Philmont
12:30am GLOW Dance Party

Kaleidoscope Stage
5pm Cameron Gage
5:30pm Just Alive
6:15pm Relative Harmony
7pm David Worth Hinton
8pm Master’s Voice
10:30pm Movie Night! Film TBD

Lawn Stage
4pm Kid’s Connection
4:30pm Sing ‘n’ Sprout
5pm Joyful Noise
5:30pm Princess Lucinda
6pm Dells Praise Dancers
6:45pm Trick Archery/Comedy
7:45pm Celebrity Fun Shoot

{Saturday, Sept. 1}

Main Stage
Noon The Cisco Kids
1pm Marah in the Mainsail
2pm Everfound
3pm Downhere
4:30pm Rachelle Hope
5:15pm Jenny & Tyler
6pm The City Harmonic
7:30pm Mandisa
8:30pm Brian Sumner
10pm Skillet

Souled Out Stage
10am Ilia
10:30am We Are Leo
11am Sk8 Park Demo
12pm Loftland
12:30pm Stephanie Smith
2pm Sk8 Park Demo
2:45pm Everyday Sunday
3:30pm Abandon Kansas
4:30pm George Moss
5pm KB
5:45pm Andy Mineo
6:45pm Remedy Drive
7:15pm Josh Brewer
7:45pm Aaron Gillespie
9pm House of Heroes

Triple Shot Stage
10am Trick Archery Demo
11am Broken Relationships
11:30am Restored Relationships
12:30pm Mike Harvat
1pm A Violent World
2pm Lightswitch
2:30pm In A World of So Much Hurt
3pm Phil Joel
4:15pm Chris Borchardt
5pm American Ideal
6pm Broken Walls
7:30pm Josiah James
8:30pm Jenny & Tyler
9:30pm Downhere
11pm Late Night Worship with The City Harmonic & Phil Joel

360 Stage
10am Sheltered Reality
11:30am Love Out Loud
Noon Abby Baker
12:45pm Twenty-One Letters
1:30pm June Embers
2pm The Color
2:45pm Medic
3:30pm The Corners
4:15pm Lybecker
5:15pm Alakrity
5:45pm Behold! The City
6:30pm Righteous Vendetta
7:15pm Phinehas
8pm Inhale Exhale
8:45pm Levi the Poet
9:30pm These Hearts
10:15pm Spoken
11:15pm Paul Krueger
11:30pm John Reuben
Midnight GLOW Dance Party

Kaleidoscope Stage
12:45pm Joyful Noise
1:15pm Simon De Clown
1:45pm Pockets Full of Fun
2:15pm Ben Christiansen
2:45pm Phil Baker
3:15pm Treggllusions
4pm Cindi Gilland/Karaoke
5pm Sheltered Reality
5:45pm Jacob Shoup
6:30pm Tru Serva
7:15pm Ryan Daniel
10:30pm Movie Night! Featuring the skateboarding film “Hard Flip”

Lawn Stage
5:45pm Pockets Full of Fun
6:15pm Sing ‘n’ Sprout
6:45pm Joyful Noise
7:15pm Kid’s Connection

{Sunday, Sept. 2}

Main Stage
10:30am Sunday Morning Worship
1:15pm Go Fish
2:45pm Broken Walls
3:30pm Aaron Gillsepie
4:15pm One Sonic Society
5:30pm Leeland
7:15pm Christy Nockels
8:15pm Alan Greene
9:30pm Tenth Avenue North (below)

Souled Out Stage
Noon Sk8 Park Demo
12:45pm Triple Stitch
2:15pm Fades Away
3pm Becoming the Archetype
3:45pm The Wedding
4:30pm Children 18:3 
5:15pm Sk8 Park Demo
6pm An Epic No Less
6:45pm The Skies Revolt
7:30pm Silverline
8:15pm Run Kid Run
8:45pm John Reuben
9:15pm Tom Henderson
10pm Five Iron Frenzy

Triple Shot Stage
12:30pm Jenny & Tyler
1:15pm Sex Addiction & Porn
2pm Sean Michel
2:30pm Depression, Loneliness, & Bullying
3:30pm David Curtis
4:30pm Lybecker
5:30pm Aaron Gillespie
6:30pm Remedy Drive

360 Stage
1pm Josh Harmony
2 pm Sosaveme
3pm Love Out Loud
3:30pm Andy Raines
4pm Flame On Gospel
5pm Sean Michel
6pm Ravenhill
7pm Flight Metaphor
8pm Bradley Hathaway
9:00pm Willet
10pm Abandon Kansas
11pm The Scurvies

Kaleidoscope Stage
12:15pm Julie Johansen
1pm Ethel Diggs Nerland
1:45pm David Worth Hinton
2:45pm Master’s Voice
3:30pm Sheltered Reality
4:15pm Ben Christiansen
4:45pm Treggllusions
5:30pm Randy Christiansen
6:15pm Cindi Gilland/Karaoke
6:45pm Jacob Shoup
7:30pm Flash Mob

Lawn Stage
12:15pm Joyful Noise
12:45pm Pockets Full of Fun
2:15pm Princess Lucinda